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"Wow what a fun game, wonder what he programmed this with"

Pure JS no libs/fws

Dude you're a GAWD and the game is fun lol

saantonandre responds:

Thanks! This was all sort of a programming exercise, more than a game design one :)

It's probably just me, but this is one of the more challenging puzzle games I've played for some reason lol an "undo" button would be nice.

Super fun! The later levels had new surprises that I enjoyed a lot.

orange08 responds:

Thank you, sir. I don't usually go out of the box with my games, so it was fun to try to be a little random on some of the later levels.

Great job with adding in the bit of dialogue! Interesting game so far, but having a wider camera that follows the player would be an improvement. This helps avoid the "leap of faith" where players jump to their doom thinking it's the way to progress. I think adding a HUD for player health would also be helpful. Looking forward to the next game!

shaux responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I will look into making the improvements as suggested!

The controls are a bit awkward. Having to go from keyboard to mouse often is a bit annoying, but could probably work if paired with a controller. I did notice the coyote time and buffer jump so it's great that other devs take the time to make things easier for the player! Gameplay was a bit dull, but could be interesting if it were faster paced.

Level 4 was super rewarding! I appreciated the "go back one step" feature as it helped me verbalize what I needed to do. Would be glad to play a lot more levels!

Yo level 8 was the most "Baba is You" moment I had. Really enjoyed the levels and music was pleasant despite hearing it for more than 20 minutes. Would love to play this on mobile during my commute (in a pre-corona world anyway lol)

Level 12 was awesome holy moly

I don't play many sokoban games, but this this was enjoyable! Good atmosphere and I liked that you gave each level a name! Really helps with thinking about the game ("Center" threw me for a loop)

I think there's a ton of potential here, but to list off things I wasn't too happy about:

1. The long tutorial, I understand its useful to have, but after learning SP, I just wanted to move on right away.
2. The long intro (I'm an impatient player lol so this might just be me)
3. Grammar. Wasn't too big of a problem for me, but others might be annoyed.
4. In my first battle I got hit without being able to do anything and started with lower health. Felt a bit unfair that the enemy got a free fight even though I initiated the battle

What I enjoyed:

1. The SP moves being interactive was the best!! I usually zone out in turned-based games, but making it have that action-rpg feel made me enjoy the game play a lot!! (though it would have been nice to know what I was supposed to do for Wizz's SP move)
2. The character's feel different from one another and each is fun in their own way. Great job with this!!
3. The music/sfx were awesome!!

I can't wait to see what this could be with more work!! Do any of you have a Twitter?

rotcivsette responds:

Sorry for the grammar, I'm not a native english speaker and I did my best (I revised the script a lot). If you could point out some alarming stuff, it would be of great help!
And sorry, I don't have a twitter anymore. But you can follow me here on Newgrounds or the game on Game Jolt to get more news about the development.
And thank you for the awesome feedback!
PS: You can skip the intro and credits by double-clicking. I should make it more clear tho :P

Really solid game! The introduction of each new feature is simple/clever enough to understand, but still requires a lot of thought before moving. Would love to place this on mobile!

AdityaChaudhary responds:

Thank you. I would look further if I could publish it on Play Store

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